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Coach Ben Bernard has given my son Nick Sundberg an unbelievable long snapping skill through his coaching and training He requires his players to dedicate their time to extensive weight training, speed and agility training, and a minimum of 150 long snaps and short snaps at every practice. Without Ben's advanced level of coaching Nick's football career would have ended his senior year in high school. The chances for most high school players to go on to play at the college level are slim. Ben’s talented coaching techniques clearly pave the way to the next level of playing."


Ben's coaching of Nick has allowed him a college degree from one of the most prestigious Division I colleges in America, along with a realistic chance of going on and playing in the NFL. Not only has Ben been a great coach to Nick, he's also been a great mentor to Nick. Ben’s personal work ethic and dedication to the craft has shown Nick how to become an elite athlete and a better person.


Not only is Coach Bernard a fantastic Coach, he is a phenomenal human being. He gives 150% of himself to the success of his players that in turn makes them give 150% to him, their skill, their academics, their families and their communities. Coaches like Ben are one in a million. Parents and coaches of future potential long snappers need to place their boys in his program if they want them to improve their craft and go on to the next level of football.


Stacie Sundberg,

Phoenix, Arizona



Thanks for giving me the knowledge, strength and support that has made me successful as a snapper. You are, by far, the best coach I have had and I will never forget what you've done for me.


Thank you,


Joe Maese

Retired Long Snapper

Baltimore Ravens, NFL



"Coach Ben Bernard is one of the finest people I have come ever across in my experience in dealing with people from the field of athletics. Coach Ben is a coach in every sense of the word plus he is a lot more. For example, he took my son Shane under his wing in the summer after his junior year in high school. Shane knew absolutely nothing about the art of long snapping. Coach Ben today some 3 years later has molded him into a top flight collegiate starting long snapper at an Ivy League Institution-Dartmouth. Shane has aspirations to go on to long snap in the NFL. With Coach Bernard's help, he will be able to get his shot. Coach Ben showed Shane that there are options to his football future. Shane would have never saw them in himself if Ben didn't believe in him, and in turn Shane in Coach Ben.


Think about this...If Coach Bernard can get young men like my son to get to long snapping practice on time faithfully 6 days a week early in the morning or late afternoon/early evening in the off season when no schools or press are looking, you as a parent, friend, or athlete know there is a strong belief system that is at work with his students. Furthermore, my son Shane looks at Coach Bernard as a father figure. Ben has the demeanor to help these young people off the football field as well. He listens to them and treats them like adults, knowing all the time that they are still little boys grown tall with all the challenges and difficulties life presents them. They can approach him sometimes with problems that maybe they don't even want to share with their family and friends. Coach knows how to talk to them and keep their trust. He will give them a guiding hand to point them in the right direction.


If you have any questions about who Coach Ben Bernard is and what he provides in athletic expertise, you personally call me on my cell phone. You will never be sorry that you met him or invested in his program. Coach Bernard is as genuine a person as there is."


Tom Peterlin, Scottsdale, Arizona



"Ben has been the best thing that's happened to a lot of kids," Shannon Oughton, Rios mother stated. "He's tough on them – he demands that they are there every day snapping. He doesn't take any slack from them, and he holds them all accountable. But what he's done is incredible."


Matt has been fortunate to have coach Bernard in his life since the end of 8th grade. Ben acted as an influential father figure for so many years coaching and mentoring him on and off the field. I'm forever grateful. Although I'd like to take some some credit for Matt's success so far, the key factor is Bernard.

I feel like we've won the lottery and I can only hope Matt's younger brothers will be as fortunate.


Whenever coach Bernard's kids attend snapping events..."You can see the Bernard boys a mile away! They're a family, all fit, walk tall and proud. Confident they've learned from the best!"


Shannon Oughton

Glendale, Arizona


My son Chase Gorham started 2 years ago with Ben Bernard who is the “Guru” of all Long snapping Coaches. Now going into his senior year at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona he will be a 

3-year starter and has a great opportunity to receive a Division 1 scholarship because of Coach Bernard. Chase is ranked #1 in the Nation by Chris Rubio’s National Long snapping event held twice a year in Las Vegas.


I would recommend Coach Bernard to any Long snapper wanting to be the best at that position. I think so highly of Coach Bernard if I were a multi millionaire he would be a millionaire with me. Thank you again


Coach Charlie Gorham

Chaparral High School

Scottsdale, Arizona


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