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Original Logo by Ben's son Turner Bernard, 2007



In recent years, it has become apparent that the long snapping position is not a position that can be overlooked on a competitive football team. This position can be the difference between the sweetest victory or the smallest margin of defeat. This position has become a priority position on the recruiting lists of many college and NFL teams. More importantly is the fact that long snapping is a valued skill now being more recognized than ever before by both college coaches and NFL coaches.


What We Do

Coach Bernard facilitates long snapping training and instruction a minimum of 4 days per week throughout the off season and at other times as needed. Coach Bernard also coaches his long snappers at competitive events and for recruitment visits. He can also assist with recruitment videos and contacts with his network of coaches to help you in your college recruitment endeavors.


What We Believe

Coach Bernard's philosophy has been proven with his success as a coach of long snappers. Most of his athletes go on to earn college scholarships and several have made their way to the NFL. His philosophy is simple: Hard Work+ Dedication + Repetition + Confidence = Success. He knows that he can train his snappers to be the elite. His snappers know that they can be the best and achieve their goals.


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